The 74 Year Old Speech…

That fell on deaf ears.

You’ve most probably already seen this video, in one form of another. But you’ve most likely seen it because someone else brought it to your attention via social networks.

It’s odd that a speech made 74 years ago is still relevant. I mean, of course it is, and it should be, but at the same time, shouldn’t this be a defining moment in history where things changed. Where our leaders stepped back and recognised the logic in what Chaplin is saying. Should we really have to reiterate this speech, shouldn’t those in power know this speech by heart.

Martin Luther King Jr made a speech, (I have a Dream), and for the most part any decent human being will know it, and understand it. You’d understand that it was necessary at that time, and unfortunately, it’s still is. But in 1963 things started to change for the better. Sure there are still a small group of the ignorant out there who didn’t want to listen. But i’d like to think that most of us did.

So why isn’t this Chaplin speech as much apart of history as the other, where Martin Luther King’s speech was for civil rights. Chaplin’s is about humanity. That means all of us. His political views got him in to trouble with J Edger Hoover. Was his name besmirched to discredit this speech. I mean, World War 2 had just kicked off, and war is got for profit, right?

Maybe i’m just over thinking it. But imagine if all world leaders paid attention to what he is saying. Should we discredit it because he is an actor, and not a political activist?

Are his thoughts and opinions less valid then yours or mine because we live now and he doesn’t?

Should we ignore it because Chaplin is playing Hitler in this movie?

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