What is a Zep-A-Thon?

It’s when you listen all nine studio alums in one day. You listen to the progression of the greatest rock band the world has ever seen. Or is ever likely to see. Music just isn’t made like this anymore.

Yeah okay i’ma a little bias, They are my number one recording artists. Followed closely by Bob Dylan.

I once hated this band, i was wondering what all the fuss was about and bought ‘Mothership’ from iTunes (If you hate iTunes, congratulations, i don’t care), when i want to check out an new (old) band i usually buy compilation or “best of” album, you know, to get a feel for them, if there best stuff can get me, then what’s the point of going on.

Needless to say, i wasn’t impressed, to… seventies for my taste. Which at the time was Grunge/Punk/Rock/Metal (It still is by the way).

It wasn’t until 2010 (Yes yes yes i know, i’m a little late to the party, get over yourself) on a house boat on Berryessa Lake in Northern California, when a friend of mine played ‘Whole Lotta Love’, i still have the video i made when it happened, somewhere, out there on the interwebz. When Scott told me it was Led Zeppelin i was wondering how i missed it.

When i got home a few days later i played it again, starting with ‘Whole Lotta Love‘ (FYI, i just now got to Zep II, Whole Lotta Love is playing), i added the album to my iPhone, and listened to it for a few days. I fell in love with it. And so began my love affair with Zeppelin.

But Led Zeppelin has done so much more. Back in November i started collecting Vinyl. Zeppelin lead me to The Yardbirds. The Yardbirds lead me to Jeff Beck and Eric (Slowhand) Clapton. Being a record collector is one thing, but following a mans career, in this case Jimmy Page, backwards and finding out that you love his early stuff is awesome, and in my humble opinion one of the greatest things about collection music, whatever the format. Never limit yourself to one thing, one genre. Open you mind and your heart to other possibilities. You never know where they might lead.

The Zep-A-Thon Albums;

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. Untitled (IV – Zoso)
  5. Houses of the Holy
  6. Physical Graffiti (2LP)
  7. Presence
  8. In Through the Out Door
  9. CODA


2 Comments on “Zep-A-Thon.

  1. Love Led Zeppelin 1 and 2. Wasn’t that interested after that…I later was in the punk scene so you can guess where my sensibilities lie. Glad to see you mentioned Jeff Beck; the Jeff Beck Group albums are also very hard edged. I still listen to that stuff and it still hooks me just like it did in the late 60s. I enjoyed this post..


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