9CF79794-36E0-4484-8CC5-CEB1B7876BBF copyNow that that whiny post is out of my system. I can get with this.

Plan-A: Was to set up and run a record shop in my local area. There isn’t one for miles and i figured it would be a great place to set one up. It would seem that the money i had coming, ain’t coming. So it turns out that it might well have all been a scam to get £179 out of me. Seemed like a lot of work to get 179 quid. But hey, it’s done with. I’m done with it. I’m moving on. I’ll compile all the data/information i have on the people i dealt with and send it all the the authorities to deal with.

Plan-B: Is to get my book finished.

Yes i know the previous blog kinda went into how i can’t seem to get it done. But that’s because that was in my head, and i kinda needed to exercise that bullshit from my mind. It was acting like a barrier, stopping me from moving forward. Writing shit down is a good way of getting passed shit. Write it down, then it’s no longer apart of your head space. It’s out, it gone. Now, the book.

I know the style needs to be adjusted, and a few chapters need finishing, one needs writing after a little on the ground research. But for the most part, i can get on with it.


By simply going one fucking chapter at a time. Print each on off. Read it over and over, decide on the changes i want to make. Use a blue pen to block shit out. A red pen to circle shit i want to change. And a black pen to write those changes.

The new style changes will impact how the story plays out, pace wise. So i lot of changes. That’s why i’ma be reading each chapter several times. Get it in my head, think on it. Make the changes. print it out and compare it to the original.

Do this for each of the forty-four chapters. Once i have it all done, print it off. Read it through. Then repeat. And keep repeating until i’m making fewer changes.

Then send it out to be read. Wait for feedback/criticism. Make changes if i feel i need to based on what has come back.

Then send it out to an editor. A professional editor. Wait for feedback/criticism. (Make changes if i feel i need to based on what has come back.)

All the whole searching for an agent.

Go from there.

That is Plan-B.

B for Book.

One Comment on “PLAN-B

  1. Wishing you the best of luck in this adventure, and all adventures you decide to take. Do it, you have the ability, and now it looks as though you have your mind and your heart set on doing this. Maybe one day I will get to see your name in print and smile. Best of luck.


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