I love that line from Starship Troopers.

Anyhow, the reason for writing this post is because over the last few days i’ve picked up a few new people. I could call you followers, but that sounds a little to, i don’t know, L. Ron Hubbard.

Followers are for Religious Sects like Scientology, and Facebook. Or Twitter, Instagram and other (anti-)social networks. Don’t get me wrong, in those places the more the better, right? Except maybe the Scientology part. I mean, what’s the point in posting shit to the interwebz if no one is listening. Would you sit in an empty room and show it pictures of yourself. Or tell funny anecdotes to the dark? We already have places where you can do that, though you can’t really log off (leave) when you’re done. And most of the rooms are padded (That has no basis in fact, i have no idea if we still use padded rooms. Do we? I’m just going with what i see in the movies. Padded rooms and cages, people chained to walls and hosed).

So, to this post, i guess i wanted to write something because, like i said up there, i’ve had a few people follow this blog over the last few days. So i guess i want to tell you guys, that i love you.

Will, no, i don’t… sorry.

I’m not sorry, not really.

I like to think that i can be myself in here, post what ever i like and not have to deal with the bullshit the rest of the internet has. I can speak my mind and not have to deal with a bunch of ill informed assholes bitching that “I’m wrong” because i said that Justin Bieber is a talentless hack who was given the best opportunities any human can get in this day and age and yet he’s a dump fuck who spits on his fan, and pays “friends” to take the fall for criminal damage. The guys a dick, plain and simple.


(I might also speak my mind on Google+. That dead wasteland where nothing seems to happen. Oh no wait, that’s not right. Google+ is a field of AWESOME. A mighty warrior stepping over the broken corpses of social media sites that came before it. Google+ is the smart kid in school that everybody hated, not because he was a dick, but because you wanted to be him. The smart kid who was friendly to everyone, never asked for anything and even the cool kids grew to like. Facebook however, is the class idiot, who tries to take your lunch money by scamming you into believing he is doing you a favour. That rich asshole who wants everything you have even though he can whatever he wants. Then he hands out your name and address to his buddies.)


I keep getting side tracked here. I do that. But, I tend to post whatever is on my mind, as you can see, but for the most part it’s about my books, my writing, and my collection of vinyl records. Sometimes i’ll go months without posting anything. Other times i’ll be posting daily, or even several times in one day. Sometimes it’ll be short and bitter sweet. Other times it’s a long drawn out post with rants and obscenities. I’m rarely happy. But that’s not to say i’m always grumpy or angry, but mostly just kinda… Blah. Or Meh. Or any other word or sound you can make, while shrugging.

I try not to bitch and moan about work… to much.

So, to summarise. I post about writing books and collecting records. My favourite books is High Fidelity and my favourite recording artists are Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan.

Oh i nearly forgot, a net friend of mine has a blog called Gunny the Kid and while reading it yesterday i started to think that maybe i should get a start on an old series of short stories i planned to write about five or six years ago called, ‘The Corridor of my Subconscious’, i have three or four here already, way back when i started this blog. But i want to rewrite them and repost them all. Then get on with the rest. It’s a forty-eight part series, starting with 00 and ending on 47. Each story is centred around a doorway along that corridor. There is no particular order to the which door is next, i pick them at random. They are horror and or Neo Noir in style. And they represent the darker side of my psyche. I’ll try to get a start on the rest of these while i’m editing/rewriting the four i’ve done already. I’ll most likely set up a new link in the menu bar at the top of this page for them. It might take some time before i get them up as i want to get ahead. They are supposed to be written in a single sitting, as a stream of consciousness with no pre-planning and only a quick pass to fix spelling and grammatical mistakes. So if they don’t make much sense, that’s just because my brain might have been addled by alcohol or insomnia: Both great ways to confuse people.

So that’s pretty much it, a small taster of what to expect from this blog. Hope you get a kick out of it.

14 - 1

If you look anything like Jack up there, then i’ve done my job right.

Okay, maybe i should explain the menu bar. Obviously most of it is self explanatory and i don’t wish to patronise you guys, i mean you read this far, why insult your intelligence now? Home | Posts | About | are the obvious ones.

Where am I? – is basically a list of where i am online. Other place in cyber space where you can get more ME. If this blog isn’t enough for you.

Crow – for now Crow is where i’m putting posts about my current book project. Crow because that is what it’s called right now. Soon, it’ll become a link called [PROJECTS] and it’ll have a drop down menu to past projects.

Project: Bravo – is where i’m putting my next project, it’s working title right now is Raven Blackwater. Once it’s done, it’ll be sent to [PROJECTS]: see Crow above.

[Vinyl] – is simply where all the VInyl collection posts go.

See, easy. I do this so if you’re only interested in my vinyl collection or my books and or other writings, then they are all stored in a single place so you don’t have to go searching through all the posts in the ‘Posts‘ page.

And as mentioned way up there a new menu will be added soon. ‘Corridor Of‘ for those stories.

I try to make things easy.


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