My New Type Writer.

Acer C720 Chromebook.

So today i bought me a new type writer. One of them new fangled electronic ones.

It’s a Chromebook. Which basically means it’s limited to Google and it’s third party apps. Which is all well and good. But all i need it for is its type writery stuff.

I’ll be using Google Docs to write and edit projects. One of which i already did (here). Okay, that was a simple example of what exactly i’m going to, or at least trying to do with this thing.

Okay so the stats, not that it really matters: 7.5 hour battery. 16GB solid state drive, which i seriously doubt i’ll use up. An 11.5 inch HD screen, which is great for watching Youtube videos. It also has a HD camers/web cam which, oddly, i can’t access without using either youtube or google hangouts, like, i can’t shoot a video with it independently of Google, weird. BUt then i guess this is a chromebook which is basically just a Galaxy or a Nexus but with a keyboard.

Anyway, what was the point of this post again?

O|h yeah, to let you know that i have my new type writer and i’m going to use it, instead of the iMac, to write.

Until i get my Macbook Pro. Later on. Hopefully.

I’ll be using Google Docs to write in a Rich Text Format (rtf) so i can send it via email, or download it from Google Drive, to the iMac, or Macbook Pro (later) to then be re-formatted to Scrivener (the writing application i prefer to use).

I have a bunch of short stories that need fixing and next week i have a week off work, so i can get stuck into editing CROW chapter by chapter.


Anyway, just thought you should know

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