September First.

20140113-194933.jpgYesterday i said that today would be the first day of the rest of my life.

Okay, that is a little much, but it ain’t far from the truth, i mean, if i’m to be a professional author i need to do the fucking work, right?

So, i to i did stuff. I bought stuff. A book. A bunch of records. Some door knobs and a push plate for the downstairs toilet and the bathroom. I also bought a chromebook via Acer.

Okay, i love Apple and this chromebook will be replaced, but i need a laptop NOW! I couldn’t wait until i’d saved up the money to buy a Macbook Pro, so i bought an 11 inch chromebook. And so far it’s about what i expected, a bit Meh. But it’ll do the job i need it to.

Oh, any google/android nut jobs out there, i not interested in fucking with the code.

The point of getting this thing is simply to a type writer. I mean i sitting here, on my sofa with the laptop on my lap. It’s light, and good enough to do what i need it to. Until i replace it with a Macbook Pro.

It’ll take over some basic functions, things i can’t be bothered to turn my iMac on for. This means i have to convert a few files but it’s no big deal.

Feels a little strange typing on a smaller keyboard and using a trackpad to navigate.

But then it was weird going from a graphic table and stylus back to a mouse.

Anyway, i now have no excuses not to write every day, this thing boots up in 7 seconds due to it’s solid state drive. Though getting used to the GUI is gonna take some time i suspect, but hey. It’s just a glorified type writer anyway.

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