Well, Shit. Four bloody years.

It’s really been four years since i joined WordPress.

375 posts with 11 more in draft.

This blog began because i wanted to have a place to write. I was supposed to write three nights a week. Just let it happen rather then plan anything. A five minute stream of consciousness. What ever was on my mind at the time. I procrastinated a lot. But i soon realised that i was saying the same tired bullshit, so i stopped doing that. It was awhile before i had anything else to say.

That’s why i called this blog Head Trip Chronicles. It’s a chronicle of my mind and what i can vomit out of it.

The name itself came from two books i had just bought;

The first is called – Head Trip: Adventures on the wheel of consciousness. It calls itself;

“An entrancing taxonomy of waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of consciousness.”

The second is an autobiography by Stephen Fry: the fry chronicles.

It was these books that i spent the better part of thirty minutes staring at trying to figure out a name to call this, place.

Why is it, that when we decide to start something online, or even getting a new eMail account, we don’t plan ahead. Instead we dive straight in and then, when it comes time to give it a name, we have none. Nothing. And then our minds go completely blank, as if our creative mind is either not up to the task of naming it. Or it thinks that thinking up a name is beneath it’s ability and refuses to play ball. So we spend far to much time looking around our immediate location, in my case my desk, to find something worth while. Something that will last. Stand the tests of time. Be remembered. Be our legacy for future generation to look back and wonder;

“What the fuck was wrong with people in the forgotten past.”

Why this blog though, i mean, i could have just used Google’s Blogger. Well, i kinda hated using blogger and wanted to move here, but what sparked that move. Well, it was Chuck Wendig. I read his blog, Terribleminds. I wanted a similar name for mine. Head Trip Chronicles was the best i could come up with at the time, now i’m stuck with it.

HeaD TriP ChronicleS is my legacy.

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