Hello everyone. My name is… [Addiction Blog]

20140113-194933.jpg“Jason, and I’m an addict.”

Usually i go to the record shop on pay day, or at my earliest convenience. Which usually means pay day. Unless pay day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, in which case i don’t get paid because the company i work for won’t pay me the day before a fucking weekend. Instead they pay me on the Monday. Yeah, i know, right?

So anyway, this month pay day fell on a Monday, which kinda makes that rant redundant, and i visited an antique shop local to me. It’s an antique shop that doesn’t really sell antiques. I mean, it’s called Something something Antiques, so you’d think it sold antiques, right? No, it sells trinkets. Those useless things you see on your grandma’s mantle piece. But then i guess something something trinkets doesn’t sound as good. So, they sell vinyl. They do seem t have to much for the space they have. I my have mentioned that they should just open a record shop and maybe they could hire me to work there *wink wink*.

I ask, but nothings listens.

Any how, i searched through pretty much everything they had and came out with seven records: Two Bob Dylan records. Two Police records. And The Doors, The Velvet Underground, and Rick (fucking) Springfield. Yes people, i don’t just listen to rock. My musical pallet is wide and varied. Like my internet porn collection.

So, there i was, thinking that i’d bought enough, and that i really should save the rest of my money for when i quit my job to chase down that elusive book writing career (stay tuned).

That lasted about twenty-four hours. On Tuesday i walked into Sister Ray, my usual record shop haunt and walked out with The Black Keys – Thickfreakness. Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks. And Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine. Yeah okay i do, kinda listen to a lot of rock music. Oh well, i ain’t complainin’.

So, now i’m thinking, “that’s enough Jason. No more vinyl.” And i really did think i could do that.

Until today. I mean i wasn’t even planning on going to Sister Ray today, it just kinda happened. I was walking to my bus stop after work, and i just turned down Berwick Street. I thought, “Okay, just one”. Yeah, right….. “Dumbass“.

I went downstairs to where they keep the vinyl and unconsciously i walked over to the ‘soul’ section, i’m looking for Marvin Gaye’s ‘Lets Get it On’. No dice. I then walked mindlessly down towards the rock section, down to the B’s, I looked through The Black Keys and there was nothing i didn’t already have. Then, with out thinking i moved over to the C’s and Cream and saw the usual stuff, i’m looking for Fresh Cream, their first record. No dice, but i did find something else. It just says Cream on the sleeve and in the bottom left corner it say that the record is basically fresh cream with a few extra songs, one never released in the UK (At the time) i took it out and moved to the D’s. D for Dylan, i flicked through looking for ‘The Freewheeling’, but it wasn’t there, it was on Tuesday, and had been for months. Now, gone. Bastard! Instead i pulled out ‘Bob Dylan’, his first record. That’s two firsts. I just now realised that. Huh…

Anyway, i considered the money involved in buying these and decided to head for the door. Then why the fuck did i stop at the new arrives section. WHY!?

But i stopped as i was searching through the B’s and quick stepped it over to the Hip Hop B’s. B for Beastie Boys. I was looking for Paul’s Boutique. Well, i struck out again. Not fair cause i really what that fucking record.

Back to the New Arrives and i searched and came up empty again and again, until i reached the P’s. P for Petty. That’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  – Hypnotic Eye. I’d forgotten about this. But now i couldn’t just walk away, i couldn’t just neglect Tom Petty like that, it wouldn’t be right. So i took it out and ran screaming for the stairs. Luckily the stairs were about three feet away.

I may have looked like a fucking lunatic, screaming like that. Also, i may have cried. Just a little.

I pay and leave as fast as i could in case i ran back downstairs.

Vinyl count;

  1. Monday – Seven (7).
  2. Tuesday – three (3).
  3. Friday – Three (3).

Thirteen all in all.

Oh crap.

I’m not a superstitious person but that’s thirteen (13) records this week and i need an excuse to buy more. Or at least one more. You know, to get away form the one-three number up there. Bad juju.


I’m an addict.

I need help.

Please send money cause i need More VINYLS!!!





Yes i’m aware that the plural for Vinyl is in fact, Vinyl.

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