If You’re In To That Sort of Thing.

Okay i have to confess, the title of this blog means nothing. Maybe as i go i’ll write something that will give it at least some legitimacy, but you’ll just has to wait.

Could be  long wait.

Right now, Bob Dylan’s first record, ‘Bob Dylan’, is spinning.

I could listen to this guy sing all day long. So maybe i need a Dylan-A-Thon. The nine Dylan records i have to be played back to back over the course of a day. Now that good listenin’ right dere.

So, i haven’t really done much today. I woke up with a headache and watched the Formula One qualifier from yesterday. Then watched the race and Monza, Italy. Good face though not much going on at the front once Hamie took the lead. It was the race for five, six, seven, and eight that was good. Lots of over taking and near misses. Good stuff.

After that i started to spin a few records. Well i say a few, that was at three thirty and i’m still going. It’s six thirty now;

  1. Cream – Fresh Cream.
  2. Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine.
  3. The Black Keys – Thickfreckness.
  4. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Hypnotic Eye.
  5. Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan.

Once Bob is done crooning at me, i’ll chuck on the next (sixth) record: Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks.

Of course while the awesome was playing, sometimes a little to loud, i was “working” here, catching up on my blog. I post for each record i buy, and i’ve bought thirteen records this week, so i had a lot to catch up on. But i got there. Click up there on [Vinyl 117] to see them. I don’t post them to the main blogs page any more as some of you might not what to see them. BUt you can click the Vinyl link in the menu to see them. I mean, if you’d like. The reason i took them out of the main posts page is because i tend to post them in bulk, like today, thirteen new Vinyl posts added.

Now i’m writing this to inform ya’ll what i gone an done.

So, what’s next?

I’m glade you asked.

But first i need to change the record, BRB!

Okay then, now Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks, is spinning.

I like this already and the first song has only just started.

I may need to revise my all time top five recording artists.

Where was i?

Oh yeah, you had asked what i’m going to do next. Well, i might watch a movie. Maybe Lord of the Rings: Felloeship of the Ring (Extended Cut). Dude this film is LOOOONG. Like 228 minutes long. That’s three hours and forty-eight minutes of awesome, rite dere.

I just got side tracked to deal with my sisters friends old iPhone problems. Look people, just because i have an iphone doesn’t make me a fucking expert, okay!

I’m hungry.

So, now i’m just gonna sit here and listen to Bob.

I guess i couldn’t find a good reason for the title then after all. Unless you don’t like music, vinyl, Lord of the Rings, blogging, or me. So, if you’re not in to this sort of thing, i guess i just wasted your time.


Oh wait.

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