Follow for Follow.

14 - 1Or rather F4f?

To all that ask for a follow for a follow, FUCK OFF!

Why don’t you post something that someone else might actually like to see, so then, they might follow you for a legitimate reason, rather then just the f4f bullshit.

I mean, is the number of followers you have the only thing that drives your (anti) social online presents? You have lots of followers, therefore, you’re popular… get a fucking clue.

You have a bunch of people following you because you follow them back, but they don’t give a shit about your posts, about anything you have to say. They’re just a number, follower 63.

You want a large following, if that’s all that matter to you, then post shit that people might actually be interested in seeing. Use hashtags so people can find your posts.

On instagram i used to have 79 followers. It never bothered me, ever, i mean, who cares. After i started to post my record collection, and used vinyl related hashtags, i gained legitimate followers. I now have near 500, not because i ask them for a follow for a follow, but because they saw my shit, liked what they saw, and decided to follow me. I have damn near 500 great followers who wanted to see my shit.

Look for legitimate followers, not sheep to follower you around because you follow them. That way, you’re just going around in circles.

So don’t ask me for a follow for follow.

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