Editing My first Book. [DING DING, ROUND ONE!]

I’m sure i can come up with a better title then that later. Or at least i hope i can. [I didn’t]

So then, to work. This blog was written over the course of the previous week, starting on the 9th and ending on 13th.

Tuesday the Ninth of September.

After exerting myself far to much while riding a bike up and down a bunch of poxy hills. I hate riding up hill, and now that i’m not as fit as i used to be, it was a mistake. Oh brother hindsight, you asshole. So, after that i had to deal with a strange visual artefact, or that words were hard to focus on and the word before the one i was looking at seemed to vanish completely. This caused a bit of a head ache, which i still have, though isn’t as bad now. This coupled with the dehydration i still seem to have, which is odd as i’m getting plenty of fluids and my last beer was on Saturday. All this kinda stopped me from starting today’s edits when i wanted to. But hey, i got there.

Chapter one of Crow – Sunset in Prague is now done. I used printed A5 sheets to work from and make corrections then i transfer those corrections to the files on my eTypewriter (chromebook). This time round was some basic corrections, grammar, spelling and the removal of some superfluous text. I managed to reduce chapter one from 16 pages down to 14 and a half (‘ish). I won’t know how that affects the word count until i transfer it all back to my iMac and Scrivener. But any reduction is good, right?

So that’s day one of edits out of the way. And of course i had help from the likes of Pink Floyd (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn), Fleetwood Mac (Tusk), Cream (Goodbye Cream), And The Yardbirds (Time Wind Collection). Hey man, i’m writing this with Led Zeppelin (IV, Zoso, Untitled) playing.

Wednesday the Tenth of September.

Chapter two and three of Crow – Scene by the Sea – The Agent

As i write this Blondie (Autoamerican) is spinning.

So anyway, after waking up and watching the Apple keynote. Check the random blog i posted on Wednesday 10th for more on that. I then put on Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters iTunes Festival performance and began editing chapter two. Let me reiterate here, i’m just doing a quick pass to correct spelling and grammar and tighten it up a bit, removing superfluous text that i don’t need. So it’s pretty quick really. After editing chapter two i decided that i needed a walk, first i had a wank, then i got dressed, yep, with out washing, and walked a mile to the bank, got some money and bought a few (3) books;

  1. Bird Box by Josh Malerman.
  2. Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes.
  3. The Ploughmen by Kim Zupan.

Then i went to the antique shop to buy a few records, i mean, where else would i go? I bought;

  1. Blondie – Autoamerican.
  2. U2 – Joshua Tree.
  3. The Velvet Underground – Loaded.

On the way back home i bought some beer. Well, why the fuck not, i’m a writing, aren’t i……. That should say Writer. Why am i not just fixing the typo, instead i keep  it a type on about not fixing it…. what the fuck is going on here?

So, i came home, opened a beet and started to edit chapter three, i wasn’t going to today but i figured why the fuck not, i got time. Hey man, i got nothing but time. I’ve still to add the changes and fixes to the files on my puter, but that shouldn’t take to long, just a pint or so.

What does tomorrow hold i wonder?


Thursday the Eleventh of September.

Chapter four of Crow – Father Figure. I had to much crap to get done today so couldn’t spent the amount of tie i wanted to editing this chapter. Or for that matter the next one. Tomorrow i have nothing to do, i hope, so i should be able to get more done, not just the editing, but also adjusting the files on the computer.

Bit of a let down really, today that is.

Friday the Twelfth of September.

Chapter five of Crow – Weston. First let me get this out of the way;

Was spinning: Joy Division – Closer.

So, chapter five, as it turns out is a complete and utter fucking disaster. I found that whole pages were just shit. And i’m seriously thinking about just righting it off and being done with it. But first i want to try at least to save it. It’s a good place to properly introduce two characters. I read it all the way through and was just getting more and more pissed off with it, not just because it was utter shit, but because it was filled with so many mistakes, spelling and grammar. I guess that’s what happens when you’re writing a chapter every few hours and not proof reading it afterwards.

So, i’ll try to save it, but if i can’t i’ll just be rid of it and write the character exposition somewhere else.

Now Spinning: The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psycho Candy.

It’s 14:18 and i right this (<– that bit), i’ma take a short break that get to transcribing all this weeks changes to the files on this chromebook. Then i’ll print off the next five chapters for next week.

Saturday the Thirteenth of September.

Nothing. That is the word of the day I. Did. Nothing. Not because i couldn’t be bothered because it was a Saturday. Or because i had some kind of technical malfunction. No, i did nothing because i had nothing to do…

Yesterday i was coming to terms with the catastrophe that is chapter five. Okay, i get it, first drafts are always going to be shit, i understand that, but that wasn’t the while story. I started to think about the book as a whole…

Spinning NIrvana’s Nevermind. Actually i’m playing the four Nirvana records i have back to back because that is the mood i’m in right now: not a good one. I just got back from the shop before i sat down to type this bit of the blog out. I bought eight pints of beer and i intend to drink them all and maybe later i’ll go get some more. Why? Because i might suddenly feel th eneed to get so fucking drunk i forget that CROW ever existed. Not because i hated chapter five, but because i’ve come to the realisation that i hate this book. The story the way i wrote it. I figured that it would be the easiest to write because the story was so basic. And there in lies the problem. It’s to damn simple. Good guys. Bad guys. bang bang bang.

Some of it i like and might use again at some point in the future, but right now, it’s just shit.

Does that make me a bad writer?

Or does the simple fact that i can recognise that it’s so bad contradict that self impression?

Am i a good writer?

Am i a bad writer?

Am i just trying to write something that deep down i don’t like. And therefore never really loved?

But what then do i love?

This is what i was doing yesterday, thinking about all this stuff.

And at six in the evening i started to get a little bit depressed. Which just kinda got worse, the way depression does.

This post was scheduled for Monday. But why wait.

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