Return Of The Mac.

So, last week i was servilely depressed. Okay maybe not servilely, but i was depressed and thought about giving up on writing altogether. But here i am, still doing it. What does that say about me?

On Tuesday i arrived at work and proceeded not to talk to anyone, if asked how my week off went i simply replied “Shit!“. Which meant that no one talked to me unless it was work related and even then they were quiet. I kept this up all week, mostly because i wanted the time to think shit over, but also it’s nice to not have to get involved. Or to not have to deal with the daily bullshit. I was left alone.

In this time i thought many things. About the fantasy epic i have in mind. About my next project, which i was going to get started on. But manly i thought about what the fuck as i going to do now.

In there somewhere Crow popped up and i started to think about it. Chapter five was so bad i made me depressed. I couldn’t see a future in writing after reading it, that is what depressed me, the thought that i might be working in security the rest of my life. Seriously, i’d kill myself first.

But i thought about Crow, and how it could be changed. First, chapter five must go. But the rest, how could i fix it all?

Well, i started today. A page one rewrite. Not rushing through it the way i wrote it. But taking my time with it, making sure that every sentence, every paragraph was right before moving on to the next. Time. I’m taking it.

Crow is back on the books.

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