Monday. Stuff-Got-Done-Day.

Today i did stuff. And i also forgot to do stuff. I also took a bunch of pictures.

Right now, Bob Dylan: Desire is spinning.

So, today. I woke up around oh nine thirty, rolling out of bed i figured i’d better seeing as i wanted to get shit done. And shit got done i can tell ya. But first, i watched a movie, Sharknado 2: The Second One. And although i spent most of the movie moaning about it’s validity shouting things like “What the fuck was that?” and “How could even be happening right now?”. I had to remind myself over and over that this movie was made to be bad, it’s on purpose (least i hope so), but i have to say, i reallu loved it, it’s even more reticulates then the first one. I wonder what features there are on the blu-rays?

Be right back…

Yes! I also wrote a review for the film.

Anyway, after watching Sharknado, about eleven in the a em, i turned off the tele and put on the first of today’s Bob-a-thon (A Bob-a-thon is when you listen to your Bob Dylan collection all day long) First was John Wesley Harding. Next after Blond on Blond which i had listened to last night. So with Bob spinning i got to writing. Of course with the odd interruption to make tea, piss, take pictures for instagram (link to my Instagram account on the home page). I has written three pages yesterday and today i wasn’t in a rush to get to the end of chapter one (again) i just wanted to write well. I kept the first half of the original chapter with a lot of changes, trying to make it darker, more bleak and stylised. A trend i mean to keep through the whole book. A man is killed, which is what starts the plot/story going. At first i had this image of a crazy long sniper shot. And i’d chosen two buildings in Prague in which to use, one almost one mile south of the other. The northern building has a police HQ about three yards away. I thought that it was perfect, and in my head it was. But now, i want a more personal assassination, so the long sniper shot was out. It wasn’t even hard to do that. The image i’d had for nearly ten years, gone. Why? because the story demanded it. And the story is king. I had fun though, i even went as far as to explain how the murder was achieved, a thought running though the mind of the character i followed in this chapter. But i deleted it all because i figured “Why tell you now. You can fucking wait”. I enjoy this shit, typing half a page of material and then just removing it all.

I added ten more pages today, though i did write for far longer then i did yesterday. So chapter one is done. I just need to read through it, maybe tonight, and make sure i’m happy with it before i move on to chapter two: which i might add i’m happy with as it stands, except a few words that i need to change. Otherwise it’s fine so it should take to long to rewrite.

Oh, Desire just finished so i put on Led Zeppelin: I.

Gotta finish the day of awesome music is every more awesomer music.

So, what now ‘puffs out cheeks and looks around’. I could show you some pictures. I mean, today’s writing is done, i’ll not start chapter two until tomorrow night. Probably. So, some pictures then.


This picture pretty much defins my entire day. My first draft of Crow, my chromebook (glorified typewriter) and Bob Dylan records. By the way, the first draft is 512 pages of manuscript. Yeah, i know right?


The view fro the top of my street shortly before sun set. I promise you i haven’t done any photoshopping to this image, it is how i took it with mu phone. Using HDR (High Dynamic Range). Cool pic though, no?

And then this;

A beer in my Game of Thrones Stein. And actually yes, winter is coming, only a few months now. But i bought beer for myself to congratulate me on completing a rewrite of chapter one after being so fucking depressed about the crapness of the first draft.

And so now my shadow is telling you all to fuck off;

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