Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones.

So i just came here to quickly throw this post up. But i got a little distracted when i realised i had 102 spam comments to go through. And by go through i mean delete. Fucking spam!

So anyway, Wolves and Crows is project number six so i won’t be anywhere near writing it for some time. Years probably. At this rate. But it’s a large project, an Epic Fantasy, and so i wanted to get a head start on the back ground because i think that the history of this place will help inform the writing and the story and characters. Thinking about this stuff at work this week has already created a bunch of content that i hadn’t thought about before.

I’ll not be posting that stuff here as i don’t what to give anything away. But i wanted to created this category for my site to give me a place to put it all, in case i want to writing about it. Like this.

Just now that i’ve no real idea how long this book will be or how many books it’ll turn turn out to be. More then three i’m guessing.

The series is called Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones. And the first part will be called The Watch Tower.

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