I Pulled a Fart Out of my Brain and it Smelled.

Well, it’s kinda true i guess if you’re looking from the right perspective.

I’m not sure what perspective that is, i just know that it is.

The Who: Quadrophenia is spinning.

So today i was looking for another job, incidental that’s what prompted me to write this post. I usually start by searching my post code and an area of about three miles. It just creates less to sift through. If i come up empty i widen to five miles and so on. Though i searched on five different sites i saw the same thing: Experience Wanted.

Job hunting has become depressing because the more i look the more i realise that i should have paid more attention in school. But i can’t change that so i keep on looking in the hope, though it may be a vain hope, that i’ll come across the ideal job, apply and get it. This NEVER happens.

Is it to much to ask that i have a job that i don’t hate?

Okay, maybe that is to much…

How about a job that isn’t security?

My nephew is nineteen, he was trained for a few weeks and now works in a hospital. He’s the guy handing the surgeons their tools. He gets pain more then i do. He likes his job. I envy him.

Come on, really, is it to much to ask that i find a job that isn’t security! I feel like i’ll be doing security for the rest of my life, well, the next three years anyway. Because if i’m still doing security when i’m forty, i’m ending it all. I’ll just consider it a waste and pop myself because i just can’t do this fucking job no more. I wanted to quit in January [2015]. But that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen, which is depressing. Now i just want to get out and so i’m considering quitting in a few weeks just to be done with it. But i know that i’ll not find another job that isn’t security and i’ll be back doing it again.

I’m procrastinating i know, deal with it, this is my blog and i’ll cry if i want too.

For a creative to be stuck in a dead end job, which is basically a glorified scarecrow, standing around all day doing nothing. Except thinking about what i’d rather be doing, is fucking torture. I can feel my brain melting. And my creatativity going to waste.

I need a new job.

But i can’t find one.

G.O.V. won’t help, because i already have a job, so i’m not a priority.

So instead i lose my mind and eventually kill someone when my brain snaps.

I’ve stopped talking to people at work. Staff and customers. I just can’t be bothered talking to these people any more. Most of the time it’s just shit but i talked to them just because it was something to do other then nothing. But even that has became pointless. Now i just think about doing another job. And this makes time drag.

Soon, i’ll end up doing something that gets me sacked.

Brain farts a common occurrence at work these days, it’s just that no one notices any more.

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