A few Years Early.

So i might have mentioned in some earlier post that i’m already planning a project that i’m a few years away from starting. That project is Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones an epic fantasy. I still haven’t decided on how many books it’ll be, i just know that it’s more then three. Think saga and not trilogy.

Is it wrong to want to get a head start?

Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid is spinning.

Even if that head start is measured in years?

I want to understand the land the story is set in. Being a fantasy novel the land is want ever i make it. So, i’m making it, from the beginning. Ground up. Who made what and all that jazz. A real history of the place. I might even write a few short stories about it. You know, myth and legend type stuff to use in the novel. Or at least bits of it.

In my head, everything needs to make sense. Why things are where. And who is who and what language they speak.

Anyway, it’s moving along nicely. In fact once i’m don’t posting i’ll be going back to it.

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