Fleetwood Mac: Mr. Wonderful – [Record 149]

Fleetwood Mac: Mr. Wonderful.

Released in 1968, Mr. Wonderful is the second album by the British blues-rock band, Fleetwood Mac. This all-blues album was broadly similar to their debut album, albeit with some changes to personnel and recording method. The album was recorded live in the studio with miked amplifiers and PA system, rather than plugged into the board. A horn section was introduced; and Christine Perfect of Chicken Shack was featured on keyboards. In the USA, the album was not issued under the name Mr. Wonderful, though around half of the tracks appeared on English Rose.

An expanded version of Mr. Wonderful was included in the box set, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions.

Side One.
1. Stop Messin’ ‘Round.
2. I’ve Lost My Baby.
3. Rollin’ Man.
4. Dust My Broom.
5. Love That Burns.
6. Doctor Brown.

Side Two.
1. Need Your Love Tonight.
2. If You Be My Baby.
3. Evenin’ Boogie.
4. Lazy Poker Blues.
5. Coming Home.
6. Trying So Hard to Forget.

The Wiki.

Cover Art: Both Mr. Wonderful and English Rose tested the bounds of acceptable taste with their album covers. On the cover of Mr Wonderful, a skinny Mick Fleetwood appears dazed and naked except for a hat, doll and fig leaves over his genitalia. Some seven months later, John Lennon and Yoko Ono would take cover outrage a step further by appearing completely naked on the cover of Two Virgins.

Reception: Compared to the huge success of the band’s first album, Fleetwood Mac, this sequel received rather muted critical reviews: Allmusic described it as “a disappointment”. Four of the songs, “Dust My Broom”, “Doctor Brown”, “Need Your Love Tonight” and “Coming Home”, all begin with an identical Elmore James riff.

Sputnik Music describes the style as vocally conservative, sticking to gruff mannerisms, and it often sounds like Green is drunkedly wandering through the music. The production adds further insult to injury, as it muffles his voice rather than amplifying it and makes the instruments sound murky.

Inside Gatefold.

Inner Sleeve.

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