Today. October 27th 2014.

Shit happened.

I mean i woke up at oh eight-thirty hours. I went to bed at oh three-thirty hours. And woke up at oh eight-thirty. What the FUCK!?

I need sleep, dude.

Well, apparently not, because i’m not in the least bit tired right now.

Wide awake i am – Yoda.

Wide awake i am, precious – Gollum.

So yeah, here i am typing this shit out because i figure you folks wonna hear about my day…

Like i said, i got up fucking early and couldn’t go back to sleep because my dumbass brain wouldn’t stop turning over. You know sometimes, it’s like a ferret on crack. Not that i know what that looks like.

I helped out sort the shed. It was filled with shit so we (my sister and i) sorted it out. Throwing out a lot of crap. Filled up the new shed with shit we wonna keep. I also steppe din dog shit. While wearing my new boots. Here’s a picture of my new boots —>

You see how fucking cool they look. Now imagine dog shit on the bottom. Not fucking cool, man.

I had to use an old rusted drill bit, because i couldn’t find a twig, to dig out the crap from the tread.

So, after that i pretty much didn’t do anything. Just waited.

Waited for Amazon to make a delivery. Did you know that did their own deliveries now? Cause i sure as shit didn’t. Guess th epost office might be going out of business soon, i mean, How much of the post delivered daily was from Amazon?

I digress, I don’t really care really. So long as i get my shit. Which today was the next two Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe box sets. IV (Untitled – ZOSO, if you like) and Houses of the Holy.

Inside these bad boys you get a ton of stuff;

  1. Two Vinyl records. Of of the original record and alternate takes on each song.
  2. Two CD’s of the some as above.
  3. HD Digital downloads (.flac) of same as above.
  4. Artwork of the cover (Frames).
  5. A book of the making of the record and the tours that followed.

I love it. Sure there expensive. But i’m a collector and MUST buy them. I MUST!!!

So i have the first five (of nine). And i have to say, i’m pretty fucking happy about it. I mean i love Zeppo. Can’t get enough, so these Page mastered reissues are perfect for me. I get to pander to my ego and listen to kickass music, all in one.

The Five Super Deluxe Box Sets.

Ain’t they pretty.

And so now i just sit here, typing this out and listening to Houses of the Holy. Great record. But then they all are.

Next to come are Physical Graffiti and Presents.

Physical Graffiti is the one i’ve been really waiting for. A double album so it might cost more, as did the first box set with it’s extra disc of additional material. But it has Kashmir.

I’m getting hungry. Maybe i should make something to eat…

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