Fist of Fury.


Piece of Crap.

I have technology anger management issues.
What would they call it in the DSM-V I wonder.

So about four months back I bought an Acer Chromebook to use as a writing tool. I described it as a glorified type writer. It was fairly cheap at £179. I hated it for the start but it was small and light and like I said, a glorified type writer.

People harp on about just how great they are, and how cheap they are. Well, they’re cheap because they are made from the cheapest parts, I mean I haven’t seen an LCD screen like that since 2004. You had to be sitting directly in front of it or the image would funk out. Hated it.

I haven’t used it in a few weeks and the. Today when I try to, oh and every time to turn it on you have to log in with your Google password, which is fine, but mine used to be 20 characters of random numbers and letters, which is hard to remember of the top of your head, so I changed it to something simple and easy to hack so I could log in quick and easy, but must have changed it without remember ing because I couldn’t log in today.

So I went through the whole changing the password thing, I changed it back to a 20 characters impossible to remember password, Google on my iMac logged in fine. Google on both my iPhone and iPad also logged in fine. Google on my Chromebook however didn’t. This annoyed me a little. Oman it being a Google operating system an all. I can’t even use the computer with out logging into Google.which it wasn’t doing.

By the way, I’m typing this out on the iPad mini.

After thirty minutes of trying I got a little more mad, I screamed a little. The. I punched the screen.


Puter is Dead!

I have to admit, I didn’t care to much about it. It was a piece of crap when I bought it and it got what it deserved. A punch in the face from a prick with techno anger management problems.

So it’s dead.

And my mother found out.

So she’s giving me her MacBook Pro.

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