New Mac and Music Stuff.

So i guess i should start by saying that i’m typing this on a new, well, old, thing.

After punching my chromebook yesterday my mother gave me her Macbook Pro.

Yes, i know, right.

It’s about three years old but works great because she never really used it. My three nephews used it from time to time and my sister, but it has never really been, Used. You know what i mean?

I upgraded to Yosemite yesterday and i need to update a few applications (Apps) on Monday (Payday). Today i also copied all my important files across from my (Seven year old) iMac and all my music. About 55GB of it. Now i need to refine the playlists so i can fit what i want onto my iPhone.

No! i’m not an apple fan boy, i just prefer using Mac to PC.

It’s weird using a computer that’s runs so smoothly and quickly. I’m used to a little hesitation and waiting for applications to open. But with this, i don’t. And it’s great.

Also i sorted out Scrivener. I found the product code in my emails so it was easy. And now i can use that instead of Google Docs to write. Nice.

On Monday i shall be getting Garage Band so i can “rip” my LP’s to this puter, so i can listen to them on my phone. Though with the amount of music i’ll have to be selective. I have tons of vinyl records that i don’t own digitally.

But then collecting Vinyl has evolved my sense of music. I can’t really get enough of it.

I guess it started with Led Zeppelin. Hearing it on a house boat in California thanks to Scott i came home with a need to hear more. Whole Lotta Love just wasn’t enough. And so i started to listen to Zeppelin intently. From there i downloaded more compilations, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Beatles…

Then in late October 2013 i was on a bus heading home from work and Stairway to Heaven came on my phone and i wondered, “How would his sound on Vinyl?”.

Well that was it, i listening to Stairway eight times that night, searched Amazon for a cheap ass record player, which i found in the form of a Steepletone, £109 i think. When i got paid i ordered to player and visited a record shop for the first tie in my life. I walked out with a £15 2005 Brazilian pressing of Led Zeppelin IV, on transparent green vinyl. A few days later my record player arrived. That was on the 6th of November. And i played that record over and over. The next day i bought, Led Zeppelin I and II, Nirvana’s From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah. And Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. Those where the first five records i ever bought. And when i bought Electric Ladyland i had no idea All along the watch tower and Voodoo Child were on it.

It’s been just over one year (November 26th 2014), and i now have 174 records (as of date posted).

Led Zeppelin took my back to The Yardbirds. They introduced me to Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.

Now i have Five Live Yardbirds – John Mayall and the Blues breakers – Cream – Blind Faith – Derek and the Dominoes.

Taking a more active roll in buying music has opened my eyes to some truly great music, Robert Johnson – Miles Davis – Marvin Gaye – Llikki Li – Warpaint – Bob Dylan (20 records) – King Crimson – The Who – Rolling Stones – i could go on all night…

In the summer i bought a new record player, the steepletone was just not doing to work for me. So i bought a Pro-Ject Essential II. In white. I connected that to my fifteen year old Denon AVR-2800 home cinema receiver. With a Precision subwoofer and Boston speakers in a 5.1 configuration. Though only the front left and right plus the subwoofer are used with i switch that baby to PHONO.

Of course this has kinda turned my into a bit of a music snob. Well, what do you expect when i spend my days at work having to listen to shit all day long. And not just shit, but the same shit. Usually the same twelve songs over and over and over… unless someone puts on the dirty dancing soundtrack. Which makes me want to kill myself. I stand there dreaming of my records, and which one i shall play first when i finally get home.

I spend my days off listing to vinyl and writing. Or at least trying to write… guess i just don’t have any excuses now do i!?

4 Comments on “New Mac and Music Stuff.

  1. New MAC SWEET!!! , newer than mine anyway. I’m still hanging on to my white MacBook, same one from the boat trip :P .. only running Snow Leopard, but it does the job. Congrats on the snag ;)

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