So, Tomorrow i…


My old iMac.

It’s a 2007, white iMac.

Kinda sad.

It’s been with me for so long and now, i have a newer (3 year old Macbook) i’m retiring my old iMac.


No, it ain’t.

But i don’t care.

It’s only a computer.

A machine that enables me to do the things i do.

Nothing more.

Over 950 video have been made and uploaded with that computer. It’s been the centre of m life for so long and now, a younger model is taking over.

No pictures, no sentiment.

Tomorrow i delete the hard drive.

No worries, i copied it to an external HDD.

Seriously, at this very moment, i’m uploading a video to youtube via my iPhone. Watching a youtube video on my tele via my iPad mini which is connected to my Apple TV. And of course using my new macbook.

I’m such a fan boy.

I’m not.

But still, it’s weird.


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