Something is missing.

On the right of the book shelves. There are just books. Lots of books.

The first shelf up on the right used to house my old iMac.

No more.

Today i threw it fifteen feet into a skip. My Techno Anger Management couch said it would be good for me. Not sure how that works, throwing a computer into a skip, but hey, it did feel oddly good to lob an expensive (for its day) computer into a recycling skip at my local recycling centre.

Last night it still had somewhere in the region of 130,000 files to delete but i was bored waiting for it, and it might have taken another bloody day to remove all that stuff. So i just turned it off. And this morning i did some urban spelunking in my loft (attic to you American’s) to find the book. Which, when i found it was the wrong one, so i continues my decent into hell to find the fable seven year old iMac box. I found it, i was looking in the wrong place, why is it, no matter what you’re looking for, it’s always in the last place you look!? Anyway i found the box, carefully fitted the iMac into it, except for the power cable, which i kinda forgot, and took it downstairs ready for its ride. The box was surprisingly heavy. Good thing i have a strong right arm.

We took my iMac, plus, two cardboard boxes, a mattress, an old rusty tool box filled with rusty old tools, five cans of paint, a deep frier, an electric sand in it’s box, a piece of wood, a car battery charger, a rubbish bag filled with an assortment of other crap, and apparently some dog shit. An old Macbook Pro box (My previous Mac since before the iMac) and some other crap i can’t remember.

I had to remove the iMac from the box and the two guys who work at the recycling centre cheered me on as a lobbed that old trusty iMac fifteen feet, over one skip, and into another. I think i heard one say “Nice” afterwards.

Once we, oh the we would be me and my skin and blister, had finished i found a great stuffed giraffe in the boot of the car…

Yeah, i know… weird.

Apparently my sister saw someone throwing it away and asked if she could have it. By the time we got home we had that giraffe, an apple tree, a pear tree (no partridge) and some pillows.

Jobs a gooden.

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