Your Comments Are BAD!

14 - 1The state of Youtube commenting is, well, bullshit really.

So there is this guy, and he makes videos on Youtube, he has done for a very long time. I think since the beginning in 2005’ish. Now he makes daily vlogs talking about his life and showing us his life in a new home. It’s interesting because it’s in a place i’ve never been. A place i’d love to see. And because he is new there, i’m seeing it through his eyes. It’s pretty cool actually.

He recently bought a new camera to record everything, and he uses it to record at a rate of 60 frames per second (fps). Personally i hate 60fps. But that’s besides the point. Isn’t it?

In America the standard video camera record rate is 30 or 60 fps. In the UK it’s 25 or 50. I hate all of these, it in my opinion gives the video a very cheap, day time TV look, like you’re watching some cheap soap opera. It’s in the way it looks. Some people love it because it looks more “Real”. I hate it.

I’ve been using video cameras for decades. Long before Youtube existed. I used to, like some friends of mine, shoot with a Hi8 video camera at 25fps (Hi8 is a small tape by the way), then edit these videos on a pair of VCR’s. Tape to tape editing. Play – record – stop – rewind – play – record – repeat – repeat – repeat. So i’m very familiar with 25fps and 50i.

The ‘i’ in 50i is important for another reason which i’ll not go into or will be here all fucking day. Just know that i hate the standard video camera frame rates. Whether it be 25/50 or 30/60. I hate the look of it. If you’re a film maker you’ll understand what i’m talking about.

The ‘i’ stands for interlacing, where the ‘p’ in 60p stands for progressive scan, which is better.

24fps, or to be more accurate 23.98fps, to me just looks better on every level.

Of course i made the horrific mistake of saying that i hated 60fps in on of this guys video. He was gracious enough to just say that he can’t please every one, which is correct and i didn’t say it because i wanted him to return to the old ways. I was just stating a preference. Which unleashed a shit storm of comments from disgruntled fans.


Well, because most of the “fans” are quick to anger if you “offend” their hero’s.

I didn’t really offend anyone, it’s not like i said;


Which would have been offensive, even by my standards. No, what i said was offensive because i said that i didn’t like something that the maker was doing. He was recording in 60fps, i said that i didn’t like 60fps, ergo, i insulted him. This is Youtube logic. And yes i understand that most of the people that watch these videos are easy to anger, and i should have used bigger words to confuse them, but i didn’t. And now i’m finding that i have to defend my preference for 24fps.

What the fuck is that?

Why should i have to defend a preference, is youtube really that fucked up that if you state a preference on a video that is contradictory to the video makes preference you’re either branded a hater, a troll, or a trouble maker, where the host has to be told by other commentators that he should ignore me because i “just don’t get it” or that “24fps is old and 60fps is new and superior”, IT’S A FUCKING PREFERENCE YOU IDIOTS!

I don’t get it. I even said in my four line comment that i just preferred the look of 24fps. It’s like walking into a room of children and shouting that santa isn’t real. Or at least that’s how it feels.

Well, to you people who can’t stand that someone might have a different opinion to you or the video maker, i say;

“Fuck you, people”


I was just called a “Dirty Console Peasant”, because of my preference to 24fps. Weird.

What’s a Dirty Console Peasant, anyway?

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