I Give Up.

So… I quit.

I was editing my novel CROW yesterday, and not for the first time, i decided that i can’t go on editing this thing, it just doesn’t work for me anymore.

I thought that changing the style would help me get over my dislike of it, but no. And yesterday i tried, man. I really tried to get back in the groove of editing this book, but i just got bored. And when that happened to started to think more about the story and i’m just not into it anymore.

The book started life as a movie script, an action movie. I adapted it to a book and rewrote that afterwards, and now i have this action adventure novel that i thought i’d love. But i don’t. I guess we all have some crap stories in us and we just need to exercise them out of our heads. But it’s a story that has been with me for so long i just didn’t want to walk away from it, so i tried to, while in the edit phase, re-do the style. Try to make it into a something i liked, to go from an action type book to a Neo Noir. But that just isn’t going to work without going back to page one and rewriting the whole damn thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some writing that i love in this book, stuff that i don’t want to waste. So at some point in the future i might came back to it. Do that page one rewriting.

I guess my taste changed before i could finish it, it became something that i no longer wanted to write. Oh well. The world still turns and we go on with our lives. And we move on to other things.

In my case i’m moving to a new book. A new story. Something that, right now anyway, i want to write: A Crime Drama.

Okay, i’ll get right on that… If only my day job didn’t get in the way.

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