Off To A Good Start.

I have The Expendables 3 playing on my TV, i rented it from iTunes.

I’m not really paying much attention to it to be honest. I just wanted something in the back ground while i sit on the floor with my back up against a very uncomfortable piece of wood on my sofa. I always sit here, and it always hurts my back… So why the fuck do i sit here all the time?

Hold on while i move.

Okay, i’m moved now.

So i started to write the outline and i did some character development for my hero, Robert (Ruby) Carter, named after Rubin Carter from the Bob Dylan song, “Hurricane’ on the album Desire. One of my favourites. The wonderful thing about writing characters is that the more you think about one, the more comes to mind and the better the character becomes as a human being. Traits and habits pop out at you and the words on the page become a person. A person you are going to torture, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Kinda makes me sad really. Poor guy.

I also outlined the first chapter and came to the decision that i’m going to write this book a lot slower then the last one, which only took me three weeks. Three weeks to write 512 pages. It’s little wonder why i was having so much trouble editing the bloody thing. So this time, i’m taking my time. Making sure every sentence, every paragraph, every page, and every chapter is as good as i can make it before moving on to the next one.

So day one of this new project has gone pretty good i suppose.

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