Project: Golf – Shadow of Doubt.

It’s not a book about Golf by the way. I just use the phonetic alphabet to arrange my book ideas, and this happens to be the seventh idea;

  1. A-ALPHA
  2. B-BRAVO
  4. D-DELTA
  5. E-ECHO
  7. G-GOLF

So yeah, that’s how i do this stuff. Hey, it works in my head…

This book is actually called Shadow of Doubt and will be a Neo Noir crime drama set in and around London.

Right now all i have is the concept, the very basic idea that i wrote down, god knows how long ago. But it’s in my head and today i’ll spend time fleshing out that idea and getting down to some nitty-gritty and character development. I think he’ll be a Bob Dylan fan. I mean, i have twenty Bob Dylan records (vinyl) so i’m not short of music reference. I have enough Dylan so that i can listen to it while i write.

I like listening to music as i write, but music that fits the story i’m writing. Does anyone else do that?

So, that’s enough talking, lets get this shit done.

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