As The Book Moves Forward

Been listening to the Rolling Stones all day;

  1. No. 2
  2. Emotional Rescue.
  3. Out oF our Heads.
  4. Aftermath.
  5. Beggars Banquet.
  6. Let It Bleed.
  7. Exile on Main Street.

And i still have Tattoo You to listen to.

The Book, the new book that is, Shadow of Doubt.

So, today i wrote out a basic outline of how the book will go, and as it’s a crime drama it goes according to the investigation. So i did that, write out how the investigation will go. I just need to miss around with that to make it more interesting. It’ll have distractions in there and twists an shit, and i’m gonna try to fuck with my main character. Really get into his head.

So that’s what i did today on the book.

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