Starting Chapter One.

It ain’t as easy as all that.

Spinning right now, Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited.

I sat down and started to write the back story to my main character, DCI Robert (Ruby) Carter, the reason his colleagues call him Ruby and how that affected his life. You see that was the easy part, making shit up based on a nick name, because it isn’t ever going to be in the book in it’s entirety. Starting chapter one hasn’t been so easy and clearly needs more thought. Well, i have the time this week seeing as i have a few more days off work due to the christmas holidays. About all christmas is good for really, getting time off work.

I need to get this chapter started because once i do that i know i’ll hit a flow. But i’ve sat here for hours staring at my screen, getting distracted by making vlogs (check the next post) and emails and instagram. And right now, writing this here blog post.

Shadow of Doubt chapter one is a complicated affair. It needs to be the perfect start. So i’ll take my time, as much time as i feel i need to make it perfect.

[Disclaimer: I’m aware that perfection is unobtainable and that’s it’s unlikely that i’ll ever really be able to achieve it]

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