I Need a New Job

I’ve spent the last nine years in the Security Industry and a year before that in the Prison Service. I work well in a team and have on occasion covered as a team leader taking control of several lift entrapments and fire evacuations and medical emergencies. I take pressure in my stride and get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible, I always try to keep a good working relationship with other departments. I’m very proficient with computers, PC’s (Windows) and Mac.

My passions are as follows – Writing: crime thrillers. Books. Music: collecting vinyl records.

[I’m not currently looking for employment in security.]

Hey world.

So i’ll cut to the chase, i need a job. And i need it right now!

And what better place, besides all the job websites out there, to ask for one. You can look at my Google+ posts to see what kind of person i am, and look at my pic, i’m in suit and everything. The About page here has links to my other online accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, my website).

My curriculum vitae has ten years worth of security jobs, but i’m not looking for another security job because i actually what to work for a living, but if you’d like one, message me and i’m email it to you along with the contact details, which were valid when i left.

What do i like? Well i like books music and writing.
I have over 300 books. That would be actually books, not eBooks.
I collection Vinyl and it’s become something of an addiction.
I’m currently writing a crime thriller. To be a published novelist would be awesome.

I prefer manual labour to sitting behind a desk all day. I’m reliable. I work hard, on my own or as part of a team. I can lead or i can follow. I’m good with computers, PC’s (windows) and Apple. I’m a thinker, i look for creative way to solve problems.

I’m looking for a job in North London, not the city.

Share this post ’cause i need coverage over the interwebz.

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