First Real Blog of 2015.

What i mean by first real blog is that i’ve posted two videos today. So not including them this is the first real blog of the year.

Now that’s mess is out the way, lets get to it.

Now spinning: Led Zeppelin (1) 2014 reissue.

You have to wonder what’s going to happen this year? We all like to think that a new year beings new beginnings, but does it really? We make are resolutions and we promises ourselves that we’ll stick to them, but after a week or two, those old habits return and we’re basically make on auto-pilot.

Well, tomorrow i’m quitting my job. Not because i want to start this new year with something huge, but because i can’t stand my employers anymore. So in a week or so, i’ll be unemployed, not the greatest start to the new year. But it’s something that my gut is telling me i need to do.

“Lets just hope my guts haven’t got shit for brains.”

(a reference from High Fidelity there).

Of course being unemployed means no more vinyl and no more books. I have to be cheap. Unless i find a new job quickly. That also means, not more beer. Unless someone buys me beer…

So here i am, unemployment pending. Wondering what the fuck i’m going to do. Finding a job i can do isn’t easy. If any of you have any tips i’d be grateful if you left a comment. Or if you live in North London and have a job on the go, hire me.

I think with the money i’ll have, i could go for four months, maybe five or six at a push. But basically i want a job soon as. I hate not working. But i hate working for incompetence even more.

So, here’s to 2015. May i not be unemployed for too long. And may i find a job i like.

That’s all i want really, no resolutions, no promises, just a job.

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