The Waiting Game.

I emailed my resignation to my employer on Friday, around 5pm.

Spinning now, Bob Dylan – Desire.

I did get an email back about four minutes later telling that it’ll be redirected to the right people. Then, a little over an hour later i get another email saying that its been received and sen tot HR. That was at 18:45 on Friday evening.

Today is Monday, it’s 16:50. I’ve heard nothing.

Okay, i didn’t expect to hear anything on Sunday, well, because it’s Sunday. But at the very least i expected to hear from HR today to at least confirm my final day of work this coming Friday. But nothing.

I’m wondering if it’s either been lost. It wouldn’t be the first time an email had been lost. Or that they are thinking that if they ignore it, it’ll just go away.

Communication isn’t this companies strongest asset. Well, i’m not exactly sure they have a strong asset. They have lots of incompetent ones though…

Oh well, what the fuck do i care anyway, i have four more days of torture, sorry, i mean work.

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