The First Page of Shadow Of Doubt is Written.

It’s true, i started.

While writing i have been listening to Joy Division: Closer and The Jesus and Mary Chain: Darklands.

After waking up and having to fix the fuse for the upstairs lights i searched of work online and found a job nearby that give on the job training. Then i made two vlogs. One for the Vinyl Community on Youtube and one for Vloggerheads.

A book just fell of my book shelf, ‘House of Leaves’, should i be worried? And while getting up to put it back i bent my left knee to much and it hurt. Yes, my left knee doesn’t what to bend all the way anymore.

So anyway, after making the videos and editing them and uploading them i made some lunch, then spent another hour online searching for work. I mean, there is only so much you can look for before it starts to all look the same, right?

I figured i needed to change things, so i made a cuppa tea and started to write chapter one of Shadow of doubt. And as i have said in a previous blog, i’m taking my time with it, making sure i get it right before moving on, bit by bit, bird by bird (Anne Lamott). So far i’m up to 608 words. But that isn’t really important, is it?

No, the important thing is that i fucking started it. I’m moving forward with this project because Jobs knows i got the time know, between looking for work an making youtube videos i also have a bloody book to write.

At first i had no idea where to even start chapter one, and oddly i felt that i needed to start with it rather then start with another chapter, not sure why. I guess it could be a feeling for beginnings. New starts. Or something like that.

It’s 16:09 right now and i’m gonna keep going for a bit longer. I’ve already edited this first page twice, making adjustments. And i mean to continue for a bit longer.

2 Comments on “The First Page of Shadow Of Doubt is Written.

  1. Great news about your book:) are u gonna sell some copys when youre done? i would love to pick up one.

    Keep it up



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