Vlogs, Psychology, and Writing.

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways is spinning

Today i’ve done quite a bit. I must have looked at five-hundred jobs online and maybe a few were okay. CV’s are off so will see. I made a few vlogs, one for Vinyl Community and one a general vlog for vloggerheads.  Oh, and i’m drinking a small bottle of champagne right now, Ruinart (Brut). Yep, that’s it over there –>

So, my type might slur as i go on, well, it depends on how long this blog is. Champagne goes straight to my head, i can already feel it working on my eyes. I’m not a light weight, am i? I can drink eight fucking pints of beer and one little bottle of cham-pag-ne isn’t gonna do me in…

So, after the job searches, the vlogs and the food, i started module two of my Psychology foundation course, online. It’s a four week thing, i watch some videos, take a pop quiz and then an assessment at the end of each module. It’s not a formal qualification or anything, but it will help me understand the very basic points of what psychology is and how our minds/brains affect us. The Biopsychosocial effect. How our genes and the environment around us impacts our psychology. This i feel will help me write better villains. Serial killers. Because if i get a good enough score, for me rather then the online people, i’ll continue to study psychology, Criminal, behavioural, forensic, and biopsychology. I’m not after a degree or anything, but like i said, i think it will help me write better serial killers.

Is that weird?

Am i weird?

Well, yeah, but hey, i could be onto something here.

Leave me alone…

I wrote some more of Shadow of Doubt, and so far i’m pretty happy with it. Like i said yesterday i’m taking my time with it, trying to get into the habit of writing a little every day. Even if i’m only writing one page a day i’ll be happy because it’s one page closer to finishing. I read over what i wrote yesterday and continued to move forward to the next part, i might go over it a bit more tomorrow before writing more. Right now i’m at a point where i need a sob story, something convincing. ‘The best lies contain an element of truth‘, that is the philosophy of this sob story, so i need to put some thought into it first, but what usually happens is i’ll just start writing it, and change it as i go. Each time making it more complex, the lie more convincing, and more believable to my character and hopefully my audience.

I forgot to get the word count today, but hey, whose counting?

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