So i Suppose…

I should write another blog to keep you guys, those of you that are interested anyway, up to date in what’s been going on.

Well, i’ve made a few vlogs, click the vlogs link up there in the menu bar to see those. Awesome stuff i guarantee.

I’ve listened to some music;

Right now, i’m listening to a Robert Johnson Record.

I’ve completed topics 3, 4, 5, and 6 in Module 2 of 4 on my Psychology foundation course. I’ll going through 7, 8, and 9 tomorrow.

And i finished writing chapter one of Shadow of Doubt yesterday. All went quite well, i’m happy so far and today i just went over it to make sure i was okay. You know, after you finish writing some thing you love it but after a short break and re-read you fucking hate it. Well, i didn’t hate it. So cleaned up the spelling and grammar and punctuation. And right now, it’s all good great. So now i just move forward to chapter two and keep on going until it’s done.

So that’s pretty much it, short and sweet.

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