That moment when…

You finish something and realise that you still have so much fucking work to do that you wonna punch a baby in the face.

Led Zeppelin – Presence – Achillies Last Stand is spinning.

I completed a foundation course in Psychology yesterday and received 100% on my last assessment. Well chuffed.

Thing is over all i only got about 85%, not what i was hoping for but good enough for me to thing that i want to do more. My worst score, if you read yesterdays blog you’ll already know, was 60%, on my first assessment, then i was hit 100 – 80 – 100 percentages. So i’m cool because i scored higher on the harder assessments.

So today i decided that i should make the notes o write out my, legible to other humans. My hand writing in pretty fucking bad, so i need to get it done before i forget what it was i wrote.

Yes, i sometimes find it hard reading my own hand writing.



Move on, folks.

Oh, wait, the song is changing…

Okay, carry on.

So i bought a few notes pads and proceeded to re-write all my notes, that’s when i noticed that i hadn’t really written much on the first module. Probably why i scored so low.

I then re-watched all the videos and made notes. Again. I’ve gone from three pages to fourteen pages of notes. And considering that the first module was pretty light, that’s good.

More tomorrow.

I was actually thinking of doing it all again, from scratch. See what score i get.

Okay, maybe not.

But now i move on to the heavy stuff;

  1. Criminal Psychology.
  2. Forensic Psychology.
  3. Behavioural Psychology.
  4. Biopsychology.

I’ll also be throwing in there some work on facial expressions.

Lots of work to be done.

Gotta go do it.

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