The Results Are In.

So, over the last four weeks i’ve been taking a Foundation Course in Psychology. It’s nothing official or anything, i’m not getting a piece of paper that states i can do it. I do get a piece of paper (eMail) that says i completed the course though. The course was free online with the Australian Open University,

I saw it posted on Google+ and figured i’d take a quick look, check out what courses they were running. It was free so i wasn’t expecting anything worth my time, but being unemployed at the moment, time is something i have in abundance, i could spare an hour a day to do something, and again, as i was unemployed and learning a new skill could be handy.

So i scrolled down the page of free courses and saw the Foundation of Psychology by this dude named Andrew Francis. It was a four week course;

Module One – Beginning with Psychology;

  • Topic 1 – Introduction, The Brain.
  • Topic 2 – The Subject Matter of Psychology.
  • Topic 3 – A Thought Experiment.
  • Topic 4 – The Mind Body Problem.
  • Topic 5 -Definitions and the Biopsychosocial Perspective.
  • Topic 6 – Building Blocks of the Nervous System.
  • Topic 7 – Types of Nerve Cell.
  • Topic 8 – The Structure of Neurons.

Module Two – The Biological Framework for Human Behaviour;

  • Topic 1 – Recapitulation – What Next.
  • Topic 2 – Communication WITHIN Neurons.
  • Topic 3 – Communication BETWEEN Neurons.
  • Topic 4 – Basic Structure of the Nervous System.
  • Topic 5 – The Peripheral Nervous System.
  • Topic 6 – The Central Nervous System – Spinal Cord.
  • Topic 7 – The Central Nervous System – The Brain.
  • Topic 8 – The Central Nervous System – Cerebral Cortex.
  • Topic 9 – The Central Nervous System – The Association Cortex.

Module Three – Understanding and Diagnosing Psychopathology;

  • Topic 1 – What is Normal?
  • Topic 2 – A Brief History of Psychopathology.
  • Topic 3 – Classifying Mental Illness.
  • Topic 4 – The DSM Classification.
  • Topic 5 – What Are Stressors.
  • Topic 6 – Appraising Stressors.
  • Topic 7 – Making Attempts to Cope.
  • Topic 8 – The Stress Response and the Emergence of Abnormal Behaviours.

Module Four – Depression and Anxiety Disorders;

  • Topic 1 – Anxiety Disorders – Classification, General Features.
  • Topic 2 – Maladaptive Responses to Stress: Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD.
  • Topic 3 – Panic Attacks.
  • Topic 4 – Phobias.
  • Topic 5 – Treating Anxiety Disorders.
  • Topic 6 – Mood Disorders – Types of Symptoms.
  • Topic 7 – The Clinical Range of Mood Disturbance.
  • Topic 8 – Classification of Mood Disorders.
  • Topic 9 – Aetiology and Treatment of Mood Disorders – Biological Factors.
  • Topic 10 – Aetiology and Treatment of Mood Disorders – Psychological and Social Factors.

With a pop quiz after every topic except the last one in each module. The last being an assessment of five questions.

The image below is my assessment results for the final module;

Fucking ACED it!

And the image below this line of text is my final results overall;

I wish i could retake assessments 1 and 3 again. But i can’t, which is annoying because i know i could do better. But hey, I came out with about 85%, which i’m happy with. So what now?

Now, being happy with my results i’m going to look into Criminal and Forensic psychology. I also need to rewrite my notes and continue researching the stuff mentioned in this course.

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