The Times They Are A-Changin’

So today, something came to an end.

Something that i’d been apart of for many years. Though recently i haven’t been as much apart of it as before, i was starting to make my way back in.

Thing is, in the time i wasn’t there, things happened. It changed, and in my opinion not for the better. A bright vibrant place had slowly became a dull grey mess of its self.

Like someone had been told to restore and old painting, yet that person had no prior experience in restoration and was just told to get on with it, no though, no ability. Just sit there and get started. And so of course that once vibrant and colourful place that had been layered with dust and grime started to smear. To blur. Colours started to mix and come away from the canvas.

The persons set to restore the painting tried to fix their mistakes by repainting it, but made errors along the way, and in the end, what was once a masterpiece, became painting by numbers. Then, over time the colours started to fade away. Not admitting to the mistakes or owning up to those who liked to look on that painting. They were just told, but i was in charge of the restoration and this is my work. You don’t like it, look elsewhere.

A bright community of people has become a place where bright vibrancy is no longer needed. Or wanted.

I do not name that place out of some kind of misguided loyalty.

On October 5th 2008 i uploaded my first interaction. And today, January 31st, 2015, i uploaded my last.

A friend touched that painting and was removed from the gallery. So in a move of solidarity, for my friend, i too touched the painting, but first i informed the restorer first, “Look at what i’m doing”. Then i too was removed. Little did i know that my interaction with the restorer, was taken for something else. I was told not to harass the restorers.

After some steam had blown away i made contact with the restorer. A deal was made, and i was let back into the gallery. And once inside i left a message on a postcard. I spoke my peace. Then i left the gallery, never to return. Leaving that faded painting behind me.

Just because you’ve been put in charge of restoring the masterpiece, doesn’t mean your have the right to dull the colours, and remove its vibrancy. Because what you have now, what you are left with, is an afterimage or the original painting. And nothing worth looking at.

Heed the warning, appoint someone who can restore the vibrancy and bring back the colour. Or cut it loose, and hang something else worth spending your time looking at.

Thanks to my buddy below for showing me this picture.

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