That Moment When.

You tell someone who doesn’t really seem that interested in talking to you anyway that you want to study Criminal and Forensic Psychology, and the first things they ask is “How much will it cost?” and you say, “A lot“, then mention that you’d need to get a student loan to do. And they reply with “You have to back that back!“.

Well, no shit Sherlock.

This annoys me, no interest except the money. Always the fucking money.

There is no interest because you didn’t say i found a job and start tomorrow.

You said, “I want to study something“.

They heard, “I don’t want a job yet“.

Over the years i’ve come to discover that their idea of life is doing a fucking job and getting paid for it. Whether or not you even like that job is irrelevant, you work, you get paid, you pay the bills, your fucking misery, or happiness isn’t part of this equation. You can spend the rest of your life depressed, i don’t care, so long as you pay the bills it doesn’t matter.

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