You Freakin’ Psycho.

So today i finished up my notes of the foundation of Psychology course i did over the last month. I went back over everything and basically rewrote all my notes to be more detailed, so i didn’t have to look over the course stuff again later on. Next i start reading all my book on criminal psychology.

Spinning right now, Turn Blue by The Black Keys

Okay i’ve listened to one but the one i don’t have. The Big Come Up. Thickfreakness. Rubber Factory. Attack and Release. Brother. El Camino. Turn Blue.

So, now i can sink my teeth into some really dark places, psychopaths. I have the books and the time to study these individuals. To which i’ll be making more notes in my books. I’ll be trying to understand why this individuals do the things they do. This understanding i hope will inform on my writing of serial killers and psychopaths. You see, i want to write Crime novels, and i want my villains to be as real as possible. So understanding how the mind of a killer works is key to my writing.

Of course books can only tell you so much, so i visited the Open University website to check out the courses they have. They have BSc (Honour) degrees in Criminal and Social Psychology. And Forensic Psychology. The one i hoped they would have. But they are expensive and i would need to get a student loan to be able to do it, a part time job wouldn’t pay enough, and a full time job wouldn’t leave me enough time to do it. So, studying full time is the only choice i have left to me.

To do both courses, i’d need something like £33,000 over four years. Studying 7.2 hours a day for five days a week.

I know i could do it.

To Be Continued

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