Where The Boredom Kills Me.

What the hell.

Why is it that your levels of boredom sky rocket when your finished with projects.

I’ve spent the last four week studying for like six or seven hour every day, and now, i got nothing. A shit ton of boos to read yet i can’t shack the boredom. This some boredom had me standing in front of my book shelves for an hour wondering which book i should start with.

No, seriously.

I stood there looking at the books on my Psychology shelf wondering, “Where should i start?”. Dive straight in with the Mask of Sanity or go light with a Beginners guide to Criminal Psychology. I mean, the Mask of Sanity is going to be more interesting and less patronising. Though i might not understand some of what i’m reading. And The Beginners Guide to Criminal Psychology is going to be boring, i now that.

So start to far ahead or at the beginning?

What to do?

I blame the boredom. Boredom makes me indecisive. It took me half an hour to decide to write this blog. Yet , here i am, spending five minutes on every sentence. Weird that.

What does that happen anyway?

Because we get so used to working and then when that work is does, there is some kind of emptiness inside. And it takes a little time to get restarted… maybe.

I don’t know.

I miss studying.

Wait, why am i writing this blog?!

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