Today. I Wrighted Stuff.

 So i was supposed to do the writing yesterday, but i kinda go distracted by the television. I’m watching Criminal Minds. Again. But today, i got a hold of myself and started. I continued with chapter two, right where i left off. I think the reason i didn’t get to it sooner was because i had no fucking idea what i was doing, but hey, here i am telling you guys that i got past that and have moved on. I also finished my villain.

By finished i mean, i completed the profile, which as it turns out is a lot deeper and involved then i originally realised. But that makes for a good villain, right?

I’ve always had a problem with the ending, i couldn’t get it to work, and i didn’t want to continue writing the book if i couldn’t finish it. You see, i start with a Victimology (Who), a Modus Operandi (How), and lastly a Signature (Personal Tag, the thing that defines him). Once i had all that i could move on, but i still had a problem of how to end the book.

I took me a while and all i really had to do was stop thinking about it, once i did that it hit me, like a kick to the nuts, out of the blue, a bolt of lightening. That opened up a different dynamic for my villain. It also meant i could continue, because the first thing i had to write, the finish to chapter two, was the first victim and the first part of the profile.

I pretty much finished chapter two, i still have a little more to write, but i think i got it.

I’m a happy man, because now i can move forward, everything is set. But damn it’s gonna get macabre.

The video below it me talking about shit. Watch it!

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