And The Book Goes Forever On.

I’m writing this while listening to Buckingham Nicks

Last week i went for a walk in a park i’m using as a dump site in my book about a serial killer. I took many photos and made a walking out of doors vlog.

Today i finally finished re-writing chapter two to accommodate that new information. In doing so i had to remove a ton of material because it didn’t fit in with the location as a real place. But i also had to add a ton of material because of that new stuff. All in all i ended up with a larger chapter than before, about 1200 words larger. It also gave me a more detailed account of that park and i’m sure if this book is published and someone who knows that park reads it, they’ll know exactly what i’m saying. Whether in the way i describe the lay out or the way i made fun of a small fence that seems to have no real value as a fence, in that it can’t really fore fill its fence requirements.

I definitely think going to the park and spending the time to just walk around and take pictures, rather then just using Google Maps, is a better way of writing about the locations i have access to. Of course it is, even an idiot would know that. But i’m usually quite lazy so sitting on my arse looking at Google Maps is just easier. Especially for street names. But hey, locations i guess i’ll be visiting as often as i can. Assuming i can get to them without a car.

So tomorrow i start work on chapter three. I’ll look at what i already wrote and continue from there. And i doubt the police station in the book will let me wonder around inside to get an idea of what it looks like so i’ll go generic office space for a small building built in the last twenty years.

Until then folks.

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