Today in Progress.

Thursday March Fifth: 14:08

I have Guns N’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction, spinning and have just finished up recording a new Vinyl Community video where i chat a bit about the 1973 album Buckingham Nicks which i’ll deal with and upload later on. Right now i’m about to get started on the review and rewrite of chapter three of September Rain (Used to be Shadow of Doubt). So let me go do that.


It’s okay, i have another cup of tea. And i flipped over the GNR record.


Quick brake to change the record. Now spinning for my auditory pleasure is The Police: Reggatta de Blanc. So far the writing is going fine, i do seem to be adding much more detail now, which is something that always happens with i review my work, for some reason i have more details to give in areas where there seemed to be a distinct lack of detail. And this book is all about details. I should really have made a note of the word count so i could compare later, but hey, i try not to keep score. I have removed a few bits and pieces only to replace them with that detail i mentioned. Back to writing. Oh yeah, my tea is getting a little cold.


I just twitted:

“Writing a crime novel is like spelunking into the deepest darkest recesses of a depraved mind. Good thing i’m really fucked up then.

Yeah, i’m so clever, and i didn’t even have to google the spelling of the word spelunking either.

Back to work.


Okay so now that the The Police have finished i’ve decided to go with Cliff Martinez’ soundtrack to Drive. Two beautifully pink LP’s of awesome. Yes the writing is going just fine. And more details has cropped up.


I just reached the end of what i have written so far on chapter three. But now i need to change a few things on chapter two or things ain’t gonna make sense. But first i need to get up and out, my arse is starting to hurt with all this sitting down. So i’ll go to the shops, take the dogs out for a walk, get some diet coke (I PREFER THE TASTE, OKAY!) then get back here and make those changes. Man, i love this process. back in a bit. Oh yeah, i’ve added two pages to what i had already written of chapter three


Okay, i’m back now and fuelled by diet coke and a 120 gram bar of cadburys chocolate. Hey, it has fruits and nuts in it so it’s healthy! Right?

Back to work.


Okay, i’m all done with the review of the work so far in chapters one through three. Only about three hours of work but i got a lot done and i’m happy with that. Time for a quick review of this blog.

All done. Now  guess i’ll have a crack at that video i shot earlier.


Video edited and uploaded. And by edited i mean i watched it, i adjusted the colour pallet increased the volume by 400% and added some text at the beginning and the end. Yeah, pretty simple stuff.

So now i’m done with work i’m stop this blog right, here…

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