I Need to Get Fit, Folks.

This isn’t one of them new year resolution type things. Mostly because i don’t do them, because i believe that for something like that to work you need more of an incentive then just “It’s a new year“.

There needs to be an emotional connection to what you’re proposing to do, and lets face it, getting fit because it’s 2015 isn’t good enough. It’s just some arbitrary number on a calendar that has no baring on your fitness.

So, what’s my emotional connection to wanting to get fit?

Well, i realised that my gut was getting to big and i didn’t what that. I felt a little ashamed to have such a big gut at my age, and i’m the only one who’s to blame for it. I’ve sat on my arse for the last few months writing a book, but getting no exercise otherwise. So, my emotional connection is Vanity/Ego/Shame. There is also the health benefits but lets get pulled into that.

What am i doing?

Every morning and every evening i’ll be going for a walk/running. You start off quiet light, and over the course of fifteen days you build up your fitness so you can run (6 mph) for longer. Then after that fifteen day period you step it up to a thirty day program, which by the end, you should be able to run for up to forty minutes (four miles). Then after that, you just go for a run every other day for about thirty minutes. Done, congratulations, you’re fitter then you were before.

Also, i have a workout program set up. It’s all based around doing it at home. The fact is, if i go to a gym, sure i’ll change quicker, but if i stop going to the gym, i’ll stop exercising. I’ve done it plenty of time so i now how it works. And by ‘It’ i mean me. So it’s all about the home. I do three different programs in 3 sets to strengthen my core muscles, my lower back, and my abs (changes daily). Then i do a quick all round daily workout (two different work outs for odd and even days of the month). Then an upper body workout with dumb bells (Mondays and Wednesdays only). This will go on for two months, by which time i should be in a good enough condition to reduce the work outs in intensity, as you hop from one to the other with only a two minute rest, and only a thirty second rest between sets. Once the two months are up i’ll only need to do it once every other day.

  • Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays = Thirty minute run.
  • Tuesdays – Thursdays – Saturdays = Thirty minute workout.
  • Sundays = Rest.

Once i reach this stage the work out will only be hard enough to keep me in a shape/condition/fitness that i’m happy with. If i need more, i make each a little harder.

I’ve set out optimal weights in Stone (14) – Pounds (196) – Kilograms (89). I’m using this because i’ve been at this weight before, the last time i went to a gym three days a week. My fat went down and my muscle mass went up. I looked better and felt great.

I’m measuring my waist and belly (at the naval) also and i have an optimal circumference of 32 inches (81.28cm). But would settle for 33 inches (83.82cm).

I will only be check my waist, belly and weight once a week.

And i’m be keeping an eye on my Body Mass Index, Body Fat%, and Body Water%.

  • BMI – This one is odd, because it doesn’t really work if you’re working out. So, i just calculated my BMI, which is determined by your height and weight, for my height and my weight at 14 stone. Anything close to the little green line in my spreadsheet (later) and i’m happy. Though it doesn’t mean that on paper i’m obese.
  • BF – Right now it’s at 26%. Yep, one quarter of my body is fat… I’ve set a goal of 11% but really anything under 19.9% is good.
  • BW – This is 54.3% right now, which isn’t great. I’ve set a goal of 65% (Yep people, your body water % should be high, given that we are made mostly of water), but anything over 57% is all gravy.

So, spreadsheets…

What? It’s a good way of keeping track of progress and i can use little green lines to set a goal.

Okay, goals.

Make your goals something realistic. Look, once you reach that realistic goal, great, well done. If you want to keep going, move your goals according to your new desires. I’ve set what i think are realistic goal for me. Where i want to be, and where i’m happy to be. If i reach my ‘Where i want to be’ goal, then great. If i want to keep going, then i move the little green line and create a new goal. Easy.

Now, i’m not looking to look like some pale greek god for anything, i just wan tot look fit and healthy. And stand in profile without looking pregnant. And walk down a beach in speedo’s with a smug “look at me” grin on my face.

Okay maybe not that last bit.

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