My “Allergy” To Aspirin Is Put To The Test.

My whole life i’ve been told that i’m allergic to Aspirin.

The story goes, that when i was eighteen months old i was given an Aspirin, for what ever reason i have no idea, and shortly afterward my small eighteen month old body broke out in a rash. I’m told it covered my entire body. It was bad enough that i was rushed to hospital.

Of course i have no memory of this, as my Brain hadn’t start to retain long term memories yet. Though i still have trouble remembering stuff even now. My point is, i have no personal account of this event in my life, one in which i could have died. My only source of information is my mother.

My mother also said i was allergic to cats. Which i know i’m not, and for as long as i can remember, have never been. We did have a cat, a black and white one, which my mother had gotten rid of due to this “allergy” to cats. She had also gotten rid of my nan’s dog (a boarder collie named Tina), because a cousin of my best friend at the time asked if she could have her. I figure my mother saw an opportunity to get rid of a dog she didn’t want and manipulated my nan into agreeing.

But, why lie about an allergy to Aspirin? Well she wouldn’t, would she?

Though, being a writer and reader or crime thrillers, i could easily come up with some long and drawn out plot of child abuse that went too far… but really. I doubt it.

The simple fact is i might have and still am allergic to Aspirin.

So today i decided to find out.

One an’ half Aspirin.

I was in my kitchen and started to look through the big transparent box with the clip on lid in one of the highest cupboards in the kitchen for an Aspirin. Upon finding the box i dig in deep to find the Aspirin, taking out two pills each about the size of my thumb nail. I set up my camera, in this case the front facing camera on my iPhone 5, setting it up in front of my window for better light. (Video at the bottom of this post).

I talked for a bit about my supposed allergy and then i used a sharp piece of metal that i have lying around. One half of a set of tweezers that broke so long ago, i can’t even remember when or where i got them. I made a small ten millimetre cut in my forearm to give the Aspirin a route through my epidermis (skin), i didn’t show this in the video because it kind of comes off like self-harm after my previous video about be depressed, and i didn’t want people to think that that is what i was doing, or that i condone it. Anyway, i broke a pill in half and started to rub it into my forearm, getting quite a good coverage and also into the fresh cut.

Half of one. Half.

I then wanted to wait for an hour before doing anything else to see if there was any kind of a reaction. If i was allergic to the Aspirin i should have had some kind of reaction, like reddening around the area of contact, especially area the fresh cut. After forty or so minutes i hadn’t had a reaction, at all, so i figured i’d go a step further.

I used two spoons, which i had handy in my draw, and crushed the remaining half pill into a powder and then rub it into my forearm again getting a much better coverage all over it, from elbow to wrist, paying particular attention to my small cut. I did this a few time before lifting the spoon and dumping the remainder of the powder onto my arm and giving it a rub to work it into my flesh. I again waited for forty minutes and still i had zero reaction to this pill i has been told, over and over again that i’m allergic too.

I’ve even told doctors that i’m allergic to it before having operations, i’ve not taken some pain killers because it contained Aspirin. Of course i did all this because i though i was allergic. But now…

Though i still have one more test to take. The next stage.

The final test.

As i have had no reaction to the skin rub test, i figured i could only go one way with this.

Okay, so even if you do get a reaction and it does produce a rash, you may still need to go see a doctor or GP to have them do proper tests which would include a sub-dermal injection to test the severity of your reaction/allergy.

Okay, i broke the last pill in half, i’m not completely crazy you know, and i swallowed it with a glass of water. It’s been well over eight hours since i did that and have had no reaction to the aspirin. SO as far as i’m concerned i’m not allergic to it. I might have had a reaction when i was eighteen months old, but my body then was only a little big then my head it now. A smaller body might not have been able to deal with it, where as my thirteen stone body now has no trouble at all. I’m a lot bigger and therefore any reaction i would have, if it is comparable to my eighteen month old self, would be negligible.

I’m still going to see my GP to make absolutely sure, but i’m in no doubt right now that i no longer, if in fact i ever did, have an allergic reaction to Aspirin.

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