MUSCLE! | Fitness 2/8

So i guess i should at least try to write a normal blog rather then a micro blog, but then this might turn into one because i’m not really sure i have enough to say that would fill up a normal blog.

Though i did just waffle on about not having enough to write.


The Police – Reggatta de Blanc is spinning riight now

So last Monday i started my workout all over again after i injured my left leg while out on a run, well, i think i did. You see i had a run, and when i got home, my leg hurt. Along the Tibia (shin bone) and the calf muscle and up at my groin. But i didn’t feel any sort of strain while out running, i by running i mean, i would walk for a few minutes and then sprint for ten seconds. I did that four times and i was fine while out there, and the walk back home from the park. It wasn’t until i was sitting on my arse that i started to feel it.

So i didn’t want to aggravate anything to i put on hold my workouts until the following Monday, Monday last week.

And so i when for a run, and on Tuesday i realised that i was taking a long time to get ready for the run, i figured that i didn’t really want to do and was just wasting time. So i didn’t go for that run, and haven’t since. But i have been working out everyday with my dumb bells. And since last Monday i’ve increased the weight twice and it feels so gooood!

I get up, i eat my ready break and take my food supplements, then i wait thirty minutes and start the work out. My arms feel tighter and wider, my breathing has improved, and i no longer get tired in the evenings. I feel lighter when i run up the stairs and over all i feel great.

My program was only supposed to last a month, but i figure two would be better.

So, this is my second week of an eight week program.

Last week i struggled to do five press-ups, now i’m pressing twenty-five, no problem.

I’m happy.

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