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This is an interesting fake/scam/trap eMail, and i get lots of them.

But these in particular are my favourites, ’cause i don’t have a facefuckBOOK, sorry, facebook, account. I deleted it years ago.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.43.39

3 Comments on “FACEBOOK! | Microblog

  1. Did you “delete” it or did you just deactivate it? Then again, FakeBook may be trying to get you to come back, which means that after you decided to leave their kingdom, they are now harassing you to return :D .. Yayy for privacy !!


    • No it’s gone, i even tested out by trying to log back in a few months later, but no dice.

      I was so happy :D

      As for privacy, i bet they still have EVERYTHING i posted, including those unusual pictures i took Amsterdam.


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