Monday 13th April | VLOG

Over the last few days i havenT been feeling to great, been a little unhappy so all i’ve really done, besides watch the Chinese Grand Prix, is watch Youtube videos. I’ve been doing this since Friday, find someone interesting and watch as many of there videos as a can before my eyes glaze over.

One Tuber in particular has a great sounding voice and she has made me feel better. So thank you, to you, though you do not know who You is.

I got up to make a cup of tea during this phase of Youtubery, and while i was up and about i figured i’d better get the Q/A video made, but when i pressed the red button, that ^ is what i said.

I’ve become so used to faking happy that when i met someone i automatically fall into it, like a character in a life play and the director just shouted “ACTION!“. When i’m me in public, i’m considered grumpy or upset, when most of the time i’m just neutral, i’ve no reason to be happy or sad, i’m just in between, neither and so my face is at rest.

Right now, i’m below neutral, idling just above sad.

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