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I haven’t written anything about my current writing project for ages, so i figured i’d do something as today was a good day.

But lets start with yesterday shall we?

So, yesterday i wrote maybe a page and a third, not much and i was pretty bummed out, the day before that i’d only deleted 47 words. These two events were like being kicked in the nuts repeatedly. The kicker wanting me to give up, but all i did was step away and say, “i can’t force it”, if i do that i’ll just spend my day writing crap that i’ll delete and rewrite later anyway ,so why bother wasting my time.

Yesterday the writing was okay, but not great, and no where near the amount i wanted to write. In any given day that is.

So, today, as i started i didn’t really hold out any hope for a good writing day as the last few were basically shit, but i persisted. I started to review what i had written on Monday and as i went i started to add stuff here and there, and before i knew it i had added about a page worth of good material which, as i read it back, balanced out the crap, so i continued with a mind set of more good shit, you know what i mean?

By the time i reached the end of chapter 16, and after discovering that i had added about four pages of material to the shite i had written the day before i was more then pleased, i read it back and knew that i had some good stuff here. But now i want to continue writing, get started on 17, but i have this feeling that i won’t be able to continue writing good material, and i don’t like to force things, i don’t want to add crap to a good writing day, you know?

So, i’ll get a start on chapter 17 tomorrow.

Also, i thought i might have to stretch things out a bit, this being a crime noir novel, which aren’t typically very long. But i’m not as far along as i thought i might be, and i have a larger page count then expected, so when i’m done, i might need to cu tit back a touch.

Good day.

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