FUCK YOU, APPLE! | Microblog

Hello, Apple.

You see that Wifi bar (gif) over there ——>

That’s what i see about 30 times a day, ever since i updated to Yosemite 10.10.3. It’s annoying. Fix it. Or at least hurry the fuck up with 10.10.4 ’cause i’m about ready to start cutting people. And that, you life sucking mutha fucka’s, will be blood on your hands.

Well, i mean, it’ll be more blood on your hands, just not the blood of poor Chinese people working in your factories for slave driving totalitarian managers with a Napoleon complex. I’m looking at you Tim!

I like how Google put a little picture of a T-Rex on the page above, it’s sort of like a metaphor for how backwards it is to have a computer who’s wifi hardware keeps getting lost even though the wifi network is still operating, just fine.

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